Cloud Free

Cloud Free – Tech Without the Giants

Welcome. If you’re reading this, you’re about to join me on a journey toward sweet, sweet freedom. Big Tech has taken over our lives, but there’s still time to break free.

This blog will cover the alternatives. We’ll avoid Google and Alexa. We’ll replace Microsoft and your iPhone. We’ll travel together and take baby steps.

I began this trek a few years ago. But I still have a long, long way to go. On this website, I’ll share my experiences past, present, and future. I’ll tell you what products and services respect your privacy. And I’ll provide step-by-step instructions for setting things up. I’ll also eagerly anticipate input, ideas, and opinions from my loyal readers.

Here’s an extremely rough list of topics I plan to explore (in no particular order):

But of course, much of that list will likely be obsolete in a few months. The good tech guys and the bad tech guys develop at the speed of light these days. So we need to remain vigilante and adapt quickly. We need to monitor new products and services while constantly investigating updates and changes. That’s a big part of what I’ll do here.

For similar reasons, I also need to learn to work fast. I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, but that mindset can be just as oppressive as Big Tech. So I need to break free of that too. That means I might not always prioritize grammar or marketing or my website’s design. I’m here to learn and to teach, not to dominate the web.

There’s one more thing I need to clarify right off the bat. This philosophy, like all of life, is nuanced. While we dislike certain companies and services and business models, we often can’t avoid them entirely. We need to make compromises. And we might not agree on the exact path to maximum freedom.

That’s okay. We can work together and learn from each other. If we have to respectfully disagree at times, we can live with that. If you still have a Facebook account or lack coding skills, we still want you. No two paths will match exactly, but they’ll all cross at times.

Please join me. Keep me accountable. Teach me. Let’s get free.